Diamond Tome a specialized exfoliation treatment designed to minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, skin discoloration and skin imperfections; such as age spots, sun spots, rough texture and acne scars. Using a gentle Diamond Tome (non-crystal) resurfacing device the skin's surface is restored to a smoother healthier glow. The combination of exfoliation and slight suction stimulates the production of new cells resulting in better skin tone, elasticity and texture. This is a fast and efficient way of removing the outermost layer of skin with significant results and no down time. For maximum results, a series of treatments is recommended.

Microdermabrasion with Chemical Peel –or Facial
Microdermabrasion with Chemical Peel AND Facial
Single Treatment
Package of 3
Microdermabrasion Body Treatments
Upper Arms
Add a Peel
Add a Mask