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Infrared Red/Blue Light Therapy

Infrared light therapy has proven effective for skin rejuvenation by stimulating cellular regeneration. It interacts with cells to stimulate and produce new collagen and elastin. NASA studies have determined that red and infrared light therapy accelerates the growth of healthy skin cells by 150% -200%, causing rapid improvement in the appearance and health of the skin. Treatments are pain free with no downtime.

Red Light Therapy – Increases blood circulation, reduces inflammation and stimulates collagen and elastin production.

Blue Light Therapy – Same as Red Light benefits. In addition proves effective for acne, by producing free radicals that destroy the bacteria itself.

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Facial Lymphatic Drainage

Facial Lymphatic Drainage enhances your overall health. This therapy works to activate fluid circulation and stimulate the functioning of the immune system. It eliminates and destroys toxin substances throughout the body assisting in relieving; edema, eye puffiness, migraines, nervous tension, congestion and sinus pressure.

Other uses for Facial Lymphatic Drainage include: Acne treatment, anti‐aging and relaxation. This treatment incorporates both gentle fingertip massage with light machine manipulations.

Facial Lymphatic Drainage


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